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Crochet bear baby booties – Free crochet pattern

*Nederlands zie hieronder Friends of mine asked me if I could make a pair of baby booties for them, and of course, I said yes! I never let go of an opportunity to make an order, especially not if it means that I can challenge myself by designing my own pattern. So here it is, […]

Lint remover – product review

*Nederlands zie hieronder Since I’ve been making and buying more wool products lately, I thought it would be nice to buy something to maintain the products. We also have a couch in the living room whichs pills terribly. We once tried to shave it with a razor and that made a big difference. But it […]

Handmade placemats – Free sewing pattern

*Nederlands zie hieronder Last Christmas, I gave my parents-in-law this handmade gift. Placemats made with cotton fabric and interfacing. It’s super practical, nice and very quick to sew, so perfect to give away as a present! It was extra special because I re-used the white fabric that we used on our wedding day (check out […]

World simplest mittens – knitting pattern review

*Nederlands zie hieronder In the online knitting course for experienced (from Mirjam Molenbeek) you are taught to read and knit the pattern from Tin Can Knits ‘the world’s simplest mittens’. It’s a great pattern to learn how to work with the magic loop method and to practice your knit and purl. Big bonus, this pattern […]

My Christmas holiday in Italy – Learning how to knit

*Nederlands zie hieronder Happy New Year everyone! We are happy to be back and to share our creations, patterns, and inspiration with you again! Just before the New Year started, we reached 300 followers on our Instagram page (@get_unraveled)! If you don’t follow us yet, you can do so by going to our Instagram page, […]

Needle felt – blue tit painting

*Nederlands zie hieronder Since I made my two pets from needle felt I also wanted to try something else with this technique. I’ve seen images on social media from people making 2D paintings with needle felting. As you might have noticed, if you have been following us for a while, I do like to make […]

Crochet Christmas cards – crochet pattern review

*Nederlands zie hieronder Last week I took a tiny break because of my holidays in Paris (which was amazing!), so today I wanted to share a little bit extra with you;) Christmas holidays are just around the corner and I think we all look forward to it! Usually, I’m not writing Christmas cards, but this […]

Maker in the spotlight – The husband (2)

*Nederlands zie hieronder Here is another post about something my husband made, a catapult. We bought this old CNC machine in Amsterdam. It didn’t work properly anymore so at first, my husband had to fix this. Luckily he is very handy. After a long time, he finally got the machine working properly and he was […]

Natural dyeing – first try

*Nederlands zie hieronder Before our ‘autumn holiday’ I saw this picture from @studioforestandfriends. She dyed some wool using chestnut husks. I have always wanted to try out natural dying, but never had the idea of what I would use to dye. But my son found so many chestnut husks I got inspired to try it […]

‘Invisible’ zipper bags – Sewing pattern review

*Nederlands zie hieronder This week I was supposed to fly to Vienna with my cousin, but unfortunately, the new corona measures changed that plan. Since we had already taken days off, we quickly thought about an alternative place that we could visit and decided to go to Paris instead. We went there exactly 10 years […]

Knitting course for advanced – part one

*Nederlands zie hieronder This end of the year I decided to participate in the knitting course for advanced from Mirjam Molenbeek. I had completed the beginners’ course and was ready for the next step. In this course, you will learn how to knit on two different kind of needles. The circular needles and the dpn’s […]

Crinkle baby blanket with labels- Sewing instruction

*Nederlands zie hieronder Do you also notice the ongoing baby boom? It’s an amazing time for the new parents, but also for those who love to make handmade baby toys and clothing. Probably you have never been so busy! I can definitely count myself as someone who loves to make things for babies, even though […]